Your Daily Dose of Highs and Lows

As living tissues, bones require the right nutrients to stay strong. Having an adequate intake of calcium, Vitamins D and K, and protein is essential for our bone health, and is the first step in osteoporosis prevention.

Calcium is the major building block of bone development, while protein is needed for the healthy formation of bones. Bones also need Vitamin D to aid in calcium absorption. Your skin can make Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. You can ensure you get your daily dose of these three essential nutrients with MARIGOLD HL Milk.

MARIGOLD HL Milk boasts a unique BonePlus formulation with Vitamins K and D that aids in calcium absorption and improves bone strength. It is also high in calcium and protein, containing 500mg of calcium and 10g of protein in every 250ml glass of milk. MARIGOLD HL Milk is also low in fat (99-per-cent fat-free) and low in lactose, making it more than just a glass of milk.

Drink 2 glasses of MARIGOLD HL Milk daily for a bone-healthy diet. Start taking charge of your life today and the first step is to have a balanced nutrition.

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